Blogs Vs Social Networks – Dominican Republic News

social networksIt is certain that the technological age has shown us how quickly trends change, and the fact that blogging has been taken over ( though not completely ) by social media outlets such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Pinterest, etc is a reality that makes the quick post a king in the new world order of marketing and customer relations.

This post is an organic thought we had when noticing how old the oldest post in our blog was, as compared to our Twitter and Facebook accounts, which are constantly updated. The blog will still remain the most effective way to present thoroughly researched, and far more complete works in terms of the information being served; this because quick-post sites merely serve to copy and paste information created, in many cases, by other media outlets. We will still use the Dominican Republic news blog as a main highway to bring our own articles to our viewers, and release them using our social networks.


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