Food Service Booming in the North Coast

Food services in Sosua

Food is the quintessential element for any successful vacation, and the North Coast of the Dominican Republic has a wide selection of restaurants as varied as its cosmopolitan population. Having shifted from all inclusive tourism to private villa and condo rentals has changed the habits of a sizable portion of its visitors, and its large, varied restaurant catalog is taking advantage of delivery as a means to bring a la carte services to renters that many times stay within their “mini resorts” for long periods of time.


A surge in the food services has new players quickly taking over the scene, and now we find finely printed, comprehensive catalogs such as The Food Guru being offered to villa renters everywhere. The concept offers an app to take deliveries of a wide selection of local restaurants, right to the customer`s door. Its glossy, 30-page catalog is very well designed, listing restaurants by categories such as Fine Dining, Healthy Food, Swiss & German, Sushi, and Italian. The catalog also includes some advertising, and side products such as cigars, drinks delivery and related ads.

Food Guru

Each restaurant as a spread page feature, well detailed with prices and the cost to order is only $150 pesos ( about US$3.33 ) to be added to the listed price. Service hours are 10:am -10:00pm and contact phone is 829-801-0169. The link provided above goes direct to their Facebook page, which includes information on the service, promo ads, a link to get the app and service updates. Like the page it to follow them.


Another new player in the Delivery arena of the North is Just Delivery, which we found online via Facebook. By the time of this writing we haven`t got our hands on their catalog, so we`ll focus on their online presence. We downloaded the Android app in under 5 seconds, which is good. The app asked if we wanted delivery to our current GPS location, selected yes.

just delivery in Cabarete

A list of 35 restaurants in Sosua, Cabarete and even Puerto Plata comes up, showing distance ( 0.3km to 17 km. ); makes us wonder if there`s delivery from that far to Sosua. It is 8:53am when writing this article, so most show up closed and some marked as “soon”, meaning they`re in processing to be added to the list.

They also have a website,  and it seems, judging by their widespread advertising, that this is a serious player in the food delivery service in DR. We will try a few later this week to see how well they take orders and delivery. This is a very helpful service for communities like Casa Linda, Sea Horse Ranch, Hispaniola and other places where a percentage of villa rental clients do not choose a private chef service for their stay, and instead rely on restaurants and deliveries.



….And then there`s Warao`s. Not really a delivery service, this is an “underground” chef concept that brings “flash mob tastings” ( our own definition of it ). This happens in undefined private locations such as private garden areas, where specialized fine foods are served at only $20 and can happen anywhere; from a barn with farm animals, a 5 star loft, an exotic scenery location or even an old garage.

This is pop culture food at its best, where nice people mingle and meet new friends. Their Facebook page shows their unusually fine menu, such as beef tartar with pineapple, touched with sesame oil and organic onion – topping wild cucumber baskets. Their clientele speak wonders, and already have given them very good reviews. Contact number is 829-767-8803. Although their concept is spur-of-the-moment, they can also do private parties catering.


  • Morua Mai
  • Bologna`s
  • Water Front
  • Casa 21
  • La Terrassa
  • Lazy Dog
  • Yamazato
  • Cubano Cafe
  • Elefante Rosso
  • Britannia
  • Taberna El Conde
  • Tipico Alberto`s
  • Sinatra`s
  • Al Porto
  • Cafe Tropical
  • Victorian House
  • Pizzeria Bella Italia
  • Little NY Pizza
  • Parada Tipica El Choco
  • Tokio Sushi Bar
  • Casita De Lila
  • Steven`s
  • Lorenzo Derretidos
  • Bailey`s
  • La Baia
  • Hispaniola Diner`s Club
  • Osteria Toscana
  • El Rancho
  • Midtown
  • Los Gringos BBQ
  • Jolly Rogers
  • Germania Restaurant
  • Pizzeria de Colores
  • New Garden
  • Chili`s Thai Restaurant





  • Casa Del Pescador
  • Casita De Papi
  • Pomodoro
  • Le Bistro
  • Miro`s
  • Raoul`s Sushi
  • Eze Bar
  • Yalla Tapas Bar
  • Fresh Fresh Cafe
  • Gordito`s Mexican
  • Aloha
  • Pizza & Spaghetti
  • Vaca Bar
  • La Cevicheria
  • Chicken Shack
  • Bliss
  • Ali`s Surf Camp
  • Villa Taina
  • El Punto
  • Sea Horse Ranch Beach Club
  • Roma Restaurant
  • Chez Arsenio`s
  • Bali Bali
  • Yamazato
  • Velero Restaurant
  • Asian Sushi
  • Arepa King
  • Ceiba`s
  • Fcuk Wok
  • La Bahia



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