Top 4 Condos For Sale in Kite Beach, Cabarete

The condos for sale in Kite Beach can be considered a “staple” of Cabarete, since this is one of the top places for the kite surfing community worldwide. This list is the top 4 affordable ones. Golden Treasures posted one such condo for sale about a year ago and since then there has been thousands of visitors clicking the same listing over and over searching for that special unit ( spc1093 ). Since there are so many people asking to buy affordable condos there we want to simplify their search by adding here some information on what`s available and its prices. The Kite Beach community is a closely knit group of kite surfers that act as one, very friendly and very much into their water sport.


Unit 102: US$130,000.00 with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms ; 96m²= 1033.335ft² ; HOA = $280.00 per month. Includes cable TV, WiFi, security, reception areas, swimming pool, trash removal, water, and common areas. There is also access to the beach club restaurant. This is a first floor unit, with garden view as seen in the bottom right photo.

affordable unit at Kite Beach Condos in Cabarete, DR

The building management offers to add the condo in the rental pool, generating income for those that only use the condo a few months per year. It can save on HOA fees and add extra income for travel expenses, as well as general maintenance of the unit.  Some of the condos in Kite Beach need to get a facelift, specially if new owners want to customize them according to their individual taste.

Unit 108: US$125,000.00 with 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms; 96m²= 1033.335ft² ; HOA $280.00 per month. Includes all the amenities as the previous unit. This is also a ground level condo, with the galley type kitchen and breakfast nook.

unit 108 at Kite Beach Condos

These condos are not far from the center of Cabarete, owners can walk through the beach in about 25 minutes or drive in about 3 minutes. Next door there are other similar projects and further on there is a long line of restaurants, stores, a nearby hotel and supermarkets. These first two are located in the old building, which is the first phase of the project.

Unit  312: US$155,000.00   with balcony, 3rd floor. Approx. 105m²= 1130.211ft² with a larger interior distribution in the new building, and beach view. 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and a slightly larger living room, current owner has an extra bed as can be seen in the photos.

312 is the new building unit at Kite Beach

The finish materials in the new building at Kite Beach are much nicer, also the location as it was build on the beach side. Some units are convertible, and the layout can be expanded into an extra bedroom if desired.

Unit 313:  US$146,000.00  Approx. 105m²= 1130.211ft² ; Similar to the previous one, a third floor with balcony, with a different vista. This larger unit has the fine granite top and fine wood cabinets in the kitchen.

unit 313 at kite beach with balcony

Owning a condo in Kite Beach is the ultimate bucket list item for kite surfers, these are some of the most affordable units for sale in the area. Golden Treasures also has other beach condos ( brand new ) starting at $165,000 just a 6 min drive to Kite Beach:

Call Edward Rivas at 1-305-677-9615 from the USA or Canada for more information, or 1-829-477-2038 in the Dominican Republic.


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