The Villa Rental Experience in Sosua, Dominican Republic

Traveling to the Dominican Republic has been in the bucket list of many people, and once learning of places like Sosua ( in the Northern area of Puerto Plata ) it becomes a trend that lasts for years. Once known for its many resorts, Sosua went through many transformations over the years, due to changes in tourism. Nowadays, more and more people choose to stay in private villa rentals or condos that offer a self-catering alternative complemented by many international and local cuisine restaurants.

The process of getting a villa for rent in Sosua is fairly simple and can be resumed in a few steps:

1- finding out how many bedrooms you need
2- determining the budget for the rental period
3- selecting the desired property from the rentals list
4- contacting the agent to verify availability
5- contract and deposit payment

Step 1 relates to the number of people that will be accommodated in a villa rental, normally there`s a limit of 2 people per bedroom. In some cases a sofa bed or double beds are provided to extend that limit. If the limit is over exceeded, the house resources ( water, bathrooms, furniture, back up power, supplies, etc ) will be overburdened and might result in failures or broken furniture.

Step 2 is the stage when the group determines how much they can afford per day, say there`s a 4 bedroom villa shared by 4 couples. If the price is $400.00 per night, each couple pays $100.00 dollars per night out of a $1600,  4 -night rental.

Selecting the villa is fairly easy, though it is always best to ask the agent for suggestions. He/She knows the cons and pros of all the villas and will add a lot of helpful advice.  The rentals page has a large selection with all the needed details, see the list here.

Contacting the agent can sometimes be the first step, though it`s far better to get all the information of steps 1 and 2 before making initial contact. Remember that the agent is a busy person and can`t stay on the phone for more than 10-20 minutes max per call.

Once a decision has been reached and the proper information provided,  the rental contract and invoice is sent to the provided email, which must be followed by the deposit payment either via credit card, bank payment or other methods. The advantages of renting a private villa for a holiday vacation are numerous, such as having the swimming pool with no strangers, a full kitchen, linens, towels, and control over who goes in and out of the villa.

Types of villas:

There`s various types of villas, and many clients call to request beachfront villas in Sosua because they don`t know that there`s no rentals facing the bay. However, there`s oceanfront ones with magnificent locations and beachfront ones 5 minutes away from the center of town.

Our classification is based on property size, location, amenities and price:

1- Small Villas
2- Affordable Villas
3- Luxury Villas
4- Ultra Luxury Rentals

Small villas start as low as US$155.00 per day, include 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, swimming pool, garden and the basics such as air conditioning, cable TV, Internet, power back up, BBQ, security, kitchen, gas, maid service and gardening/ pool cleaning. This is an example ( below ) of a nice small villa rental in Sosua ( includes a Jacuzzi by the pool ):


Affordable ones are larger than the small ones, usually 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms, with better looking furniture and layout. Prices start around US$220.00 and include all the basic amenities as small ones, and can be found with ocean view and beach front locations. The one below includes an outdoor Jacuzzi and BBQ area:


In a higher end of vacation rentals, luxury villas can cost between US$350.00 and 1,400 per night, offering 4-6 bedrooms and wider range of styles, amenities and locations. Some are oceanfront and might have super suites with flat screen TVs, stereos, ipod docking, small fridge, safe deposit box and lounge area with sofa bed. The example below is a villa ultima with 4 suites:


Since every rental is built for an independent owner, most will have customized features and architectural styles. Luxury features such as outdoor or indoor Jacuzzi are found in all 4 types of villas. Some oceanfront homes like spc0429 are luxury rentals that can be available at a discount if discussed with the agent ( specially in low season ): imagine getting a place like this for $800.00 per night, with 5 suites and 7 beds.


Ultra Luxury rentals refer to the type of villas that cost from $1,500.00 to $3,500.00 per night, usually large ones with more than six bedrooms and up to 10. That kind of villas are found in Cabarete and Cabrera ( North Coast ) and Punta Cana and La Romana ( East ). Decorated with expensive furnishings and offering a more exclusive atmosphere, an ultra luxury rental is a lifestyle for people traveling to Caribbean destinations like the Dominican Republic. These type of villas are perfect for corporate groups and large family reunions, weddings and celebrations. The one in the collage below has a cost of US$3,000.00 per day:


Rules & Security Deposits:

Since there can be damage to the property or its furniture, art or electronics, a security deposit is always a must. In smaller villas it`s usually $100-200 and for larger villas it ranges from $500-1000.00 or an open credit card voucher. Some of the rules in the villas are the same as in any respected neighborhood:

1- Low noise levels ( not loud music allowed, varies from villa to villa ).
2- No pets without permission.
3- no fighting in the premises.
4- no local visitors ( local bar females, some villas do allow them ).
5- no nudity in the outdoor ( unless the grounds are walled ).

A lot of the villas in gated communities are strict on these rules, understandably so because of the neighbors. However, there`s rentals that erase these rules because of location, some very ideally set such as a private hilltop, see example ( spc0245 ) or walled beach property ( spc0975 ). In any case, talking to the rental agent will yield a lot of information regarding each individual villa as there are a lot of exceptions to each different rule.

Once the villa is rented, all that`s needed is food and drinks to make it a memorable vacation. Airport pick up services are available through the agency, also some extras such as private chef, car rental, driver, bodyguard, and tours. The vacation rental industry is rising worldwide, and so it`s positively affecting islands like the Dominican Republic. The new Carnival Cruise Port being built in Puerto Plata will bring an estimated 2 million visitors in the first 2 years of operation, starting in 2014.











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