Carnival Cruise Lines will Invest U.S.$ 65mm in Puerto Plata`s new cruise ship terminal

Carnival Corporation announced the construction of a modern cruise ship terminal in the community of Maimon,  Puerto   Plata , at a cost of $65 million and will generate about $ 30 million in the first year of operation. The announcement was made by Giora Israel, senior vice president of this world leader in cruise ship tours,  in a ceremony which was led by Dominican Republic Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia.  The tourism executive described the work as a high-impact tourism project for the province, which will be ready to receive two ships simultaneously for at least four thousand passengers and crew of one thousand, and will begin construction on October of 2011 and be completed by 2013. The terminal at Bahía de Maimón will be equipped to dock two 4,000-plus-passenger, 1,000-crew cruiseships simultaneously. Although it will be built and operated by Carnival, other cruiselines will be able to dock at the  new  facilities.


Cruise Port Layout shown by local authorities and Carnival Cruises representatives

“This project has a future and guarantees success for Carnival Corporation in addition to an  investment  of $65 million there`s a guaranteed massive presence of cruise ships and passengers, as opposed to that terminal’s being built by the Dominican goverment,” said Tourism Minister. Javier Garcia said Carnival Corporation unites all sectors of the region working in one direction, and that according to preliminary studies in the first year would reach 250,000 cruise passengers, and the following would reach 600,000 vacationers on cruises, a number far larger than the ones received in the country today via cruise ships.


Carnival Cruise Lines is the world`s largest ship cruise tour operator, here the Carnival Pride.

“In its heyday  Puerto   Plata  received 174,000 passenger cruise ship that touched its port, Carnival says the first year 250 thousand, and in the coming years, this amount may increase to 600 thousand, which means that  Puerto   Plata  will receive more than all received across the country today, “he said. The terminal will be built in a tourist area of 50,000 square meters in the Bay of Maimon, for a period of two years, will have shops, market, park area, aquatic environment, amenities and public area, creating about 800 jobs.

Executives of the company highlighted the qualities of the area and the beautiful surroundings, the facilities for passengers to move to the city of  Puerto   Plata  and other parts of the region, but especially the environmental impact and respect for the International Code for Ship and Port Facility Security (ISPS). The speed of the work is mainly due to the  investment  does not require any funding and the facilities offered by the Dominican government to investors, bringing together all sectors involved in the planning and construction of the project from the initial permit until the end will have the backing of President Leonel Fernandez.

S/W Ver: 96.71.95R

The Carnival Magic is the latest ship added to the fleet, now also coming to  Puerto   Plata .

The study submitted by the investor plans to increase spending by cruise passengers $ 43 to $ 95 per day, assuming that the average cost is $ 97 per passenger and the terminal will have all the facilities for passengers. The terminal will be built and operated by Carnival Corporation, but other cruise lines will play  Puerto   Plata  tourist destination. The doors were also open to investors who want to be part of the terminal in the complementary offer for visitors. Giora Israel revealed that although  Puerto   Plata  has conditions as the target aspect was the motivation of the Minister of Tourism Francisco Javier Garcia, during the celebration of the XVII Cruise held last October in Santo Domingo.

The news of the construction of the  new  cruise ship port is having a very positive impact on the beach towns of Sosua, Cabarete, Cofresi, Costambar and  Puerto   Plata  which have  seen  a decline in tourism in the past few years due to low  investment  and efforts by the goverment. Despite all this, real estate, villa and condo rentals have kept tourists coming to the North coast because of its natural beauty and scenery. The cruise ship travel industry has highlighted this as one of the most important announcements in the industry this year.

VIDEO:  Puerto   Plata , Dominican Republic.

Update: The new cruise ship port will open in January 2015, the article above was first published over a year ago in our previous Blog.



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