Aerial Photos of Sosua Beach

Being one of the most beautiful beaches and an important destination of the North coast of the Dominican Republic,  Sosua  beach has been the mecca of sun seekers since the mid 1980`s when tourism started in Puerto Plata. This golden sand beach combines various hues of blue in its waters, set in an embracing bay that bears its famous name. Using a camera mounted on a drone, the Golden Treasures photo team has captured some of the most impressive aerial views that welcome visitors flying by on the way to and from the POP airport.

Here we share some of those photographs so our visitors can have a better perspective of the area and its gorgeous scenery.


The Tip Top Catamaran in the bay, a daily visual treat for  Sosua  visitors and an awesome tour to join.


Flying over the beach in  Sosua , mind the pencil landing gear on both sides, unedited  photo .


La Puntilla is centered between the  Sosua  and Alicia beaches, seen here from a low flying angle.


A closer perspective shows the magnificent Piergiorgio restaurant and hotel in La Puntilla of  Sosua .


Alicia beach is only about 12 years old, a modern-day event that transformed the landscape as never seen before.


Imbert beach has seen important developments of beach front real estate in the past few years.

These  Aerial   photos  of  Sosua  can be used freely if the Golden Treasures logo remains on them; please contact us about getting unedited  photos  for other purposes.




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