Aerial Photography Redefines Real Estate in Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is known for its beautiful tropical landscape and awesome beaches, which turned it into a preferred island for tourists and investors. Its coastal real estate market of luxury beach villas and ocean front homes are a known factor for wealthy retirees and investors, specially after seeing the listings in magazines, newspapers and websites. Places like Puerto Plata, Cabarete, Cabrera, Cofresi and Sosua became favorite development areas where also condos were built at an amazing pace.

Golden Treasures Real Estate felt the need to bring a new level of service to the area through the implementation of HD 10mm wide angle photography with panoramic effect and also HD video to all its properties, in an ambitious plan that also involves an advertising campaign of the North Coast best areas. Now ready to take the next step, the agency is making use of the latest aerial drone technology to film and photograph properties from a higher perspective, capturing breathtaking images from several hundred feet in the air that depict homes and condos in a more convenient way for viewers.


Aerial view of several beach villas, spc0243 and spc0246 on the website listings.


Besides providing a wider field of view to potential buyers or renters of properties, aerial photography can also serve as the starting point to see the roof layout and house external condition. This benefit is an added bonus to buyers of tall properties that would otherwise trust the eyes of someone else doing the evaluation. Seeing a house from high up also provides clear data of beach or ocean distance, location in relation to closer neighbors, and an overall feeling that would not be present with level ground photos or video.


The implementation of aerial footage in the North Coast will have a positive impact in tourism, as video and photos are spread among various channels including the Internet. A presentation of its beaches, coastal properties and best attractions will show potential visitors what they`ve been missing, from very advantageous angles.


La Puntilla is right next to Sosua beach, seen here from a high angle.

Golden Treasures Real Estate has already successfully implemented aerial photography in several listings, and will keep on going until 70% of its rental and sale listings are completed. Owners of luxury properties in the North Coast now have a unique way to present their properties to a selected audience using state of the art photography and video, at the expense of the agency. Innovation is driving this realtor, and the desire to contribute to the industry and its customers. The Dominican Republic has some of the most beautiful landscape and beach scenery of the Caribbean, specially in the North Coast.







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