Victorian night in Puerto Plata recreates the town`s past

On December 12, the Tourism Cluster destination Puerto Plata held a successful Victorian Evening in the historic center of the city.
The event attracted the attention of Puerto Plata visitors who gathered in Plaza Independencia to enjoy the historic evening.
With customs of the time, cars and other allusions to the heyday of Puerto Plata, Victorian times were remembered and exalted.

The Victorian Night is an initiative with which it aims to present historical and cultural attractions of the town of the province, it is part of the product POP Victoriano, identified by the completed MIFBID project Tourism Management based on Cultural Resources Further monitoring this proposal is made with the support of the project. Puerto Plata was once the richest European colony in the new World, and the place where Columbus first set foot in the Americas back in 1492.


A classic Victorian setting of Puerto Plata`s golden past. Photos by Felix Corona.
Through this initiative the Cluster Turistico seeks to present this tourism product (POP VICTORIANO) as an add on to Puerto Plata tender offers in the cultural historical context to their native and foreign visitors. The next activity of this kind is scheduled to be held on Friday, January 16, 2015. More information at

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