New Highway Patrol Service for the North Coast

MOPC Patrol Service put into service on the North Coast

PUERTO PLATA.-Minister of Public Works, Gonzalo Castillo, introduced a new highway patrol service considered important for Protection and Roadside Assistance of the Dominican Republic North Coast, a service that began Wednesday spanning the entire Atlantic coast from Puerto Plata to Las Terrenas, and the Samaná province. In this regard, he said the route that covers thousands of tourists who visit the country each year can now enjoy greater security of the natural beauty when driving in the areas.

”We are sure that the sense of security that will be felt by our foreign and local visitors will contribute to the growth and development of all these communitites” said Castillo. He highlighted the role it has played so far and the Military Police Commission, which operates attached to the MOPC ( Public Works Ministry ), which is responsible for security and protection in road motorways and main roads in the country. Castillo spoke at the ceremony of commissioning of the Protection and Roadside Assistance Service in Puerto Plata-Sosua-Cabarete-Río San Juan-Cabrera-Nagua-Las Terrenas, activity performed at the Grand Paradise Playa Dorada, Puerto Plata, and attended by civilian, military and police authorities of the provinces which will cover the new Corridor.


The head of Public Works said that President Danilo Medina ordered the opening of the service three months ago. ”We are confident that in a few days the users of these pathways may feel pleased to have this service”. He said that, in addition to the traditional tasks of MOPC infrastructure work, the current administration has implemented a program of protection and Roadside Assistance for all citizens using the main roads. ”This Program has been valued and appreciated by the public, very positively. To date there have been over 57,000 assisted cased”, he said.

 A new stage

For his part, the director of the Military and Police Commision, General Estanislao Gonell Commission Regalado said that the agency with the opening of the new device on the North Coast, a new stage in the assistance and protection in major land routes strengthening the National Public Safety Plan. He noted that since December 2012 to date, the Commission has over 57,000 assists in road protection to citizens and vehicles traveling on highways and roads across the country.

”These great achievements under the roadside Assistance and Protection Program together with the Ministry of Public Works, has become a valuable tool of protection, accident prevention and rapid response in road aid, contributing so remarkable decrease committing robberies and burglaries in highways” he said. While the provincial governor, Ivan Rivera Bastardo, said that the program put into service on the North coast contributes to a country strategy implemented by President Medina and Minister of Public Works.

highway patrol in Sosua and Cabarete
While the deputy minister of Tourism to the area of Puerto Plata, Julio Almonte, said that the revival of tourism in this area began with the commissioning of the roadside assistance program, because security is the most important aspect of the industry. Vice Admiral Martin Medina Ogando, Deputy Defense Minister, and who spoke on behalf of the minister of that institution, acknowledged the logistical and practical support of the MOPC in relation to the structure that forms the Military and Police Commission.

Likewise, General Juan Carlos Torres Robiou, director of the Specialized Tourist Security Center (CESTUR) said it is a critical integration of all sectors that have to do with the National Security Plan. On behalf of the Chief of Police spoke Rohmmer General Lopez, commander of the place of Puerto Plata. He said the opening of the road safety in the North Coast helps maintain the image of an effective public safety.

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