Tourism Director Announces New Plaza For Vendors of Sosua Beach

Deputy Director of Tourism for the North Coast Announces New Plaza For Vendors of Sosua Beach

The statement of Mr. Sancasani states that the Ministry of Tourism and has made contact with owners of land near the beach of Sosua, with whom he intends to formalize an agreement to build there all modules necessary to relocate the houses that exist in Beach areas. All houses occupied craft vendors and other products, on the beach of Sosua will be relocated by order of Ministry of Tourism of the Dominican Republic.

The provincial director of tourism, based in Puerto Plata, Mr. Lorenzo Sancasani informed reporters of this news means that in the coming days they will hold a meeting with leaders of the Association of Caseteros of Sosua beach, in order to deal with them the proposed relocation of the sector. The information was provided by Mr. Roberto Sancasani, Regional Director of Tourism, on Tuesday, in an act accompanied by the Mayor of the Municipality, Ilana Newma, who submitted design drawings of the new plaza.


The official explained that it is the interest of Dominican Republic president, Danilo Medina and the Minister of Tourism, Francisco Javier Garcia, to unclutter the important beach of Sosua. The architects of the Ministry of Tourism, who were responsible for designing the “Plaza del Vendedor” to be built in Sosua, Amalia Beato, Ivan Rodriguez and Jonathan Gonzalez Diaz, attended the activity, and offered extensive explanations on the particular. The Regional Director of Tourism said that a census was conducted of the beach vendors operating in the Sosua beach, before making the plan of the square to be built.

“On the beach of Sosua there are 242 vendors, and the same number of modules or cubicles will be built for relocation”, said Mr. Lorenzo Sancasani. To add: “With the construction of the square we seek to unclutter the beach of Sosua, improve quality of life and the vendors themselves.” Meanwhile the mayor of the Municipality of Sosua, Ilana Newman, favored the construction of the Plaza of the Seller by the Ministry of Tourism, and understand that the project works for the benefit of the beach vendors and the community.


“This is an opportunity we can not pass up, and we thank you in advance President Danilo Medina, the Minister of Tourism and Mr. Roberto Sancasani, Regional Director of Tourism, for taking into account our destination within the Infrastructure Plan of Tourism, with the construction of this square.

The design drawings of the plaza were presented in a ceremony that took place in the halls of City Hall of Sosua, which was attended by civil society representatives from the community, including hoteliers, community leaders, church Catholic and others. The work would be ready in about 10 months, the land where it will be built will be donated by the family Pastoriza.


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