Finding deals on villas for rent in Cabarete and Sosua, Dominican Republic

Welcome to the One Bedroom Option Rentals Club. Renting villas have become a quickly growing trend that has many people traveling to the Caribbean chasing the sun and fun of spending a few days in a beach house instead of the all inclusive resorts. Among several hidden deals most travelers don`t know about is the one bedroom rental option that some villas allow, if you travel in low season. By renting one or two bedrooms only,  the rate of a 4 bedroom villa can drop to even 50 or 40% of the original price, so you could be staying in a $600-1000 per night luxury villa for a fraction of the original rate.

Most of these super deals on villa rentals are only known to those lucky enough to get the information from the local rental agency ( international rental sites don`t know about such deals ) or be bold enough to try and inquire about it. Not all the villas will offer a one-bedroom deal, though the ones that do are usually good ones. A newly listed beach house for rent in Cabarete has this advantage,  and while the villa charges for 3 bedrooms it also is advertised with the option to rent one or two only at a discounted deal. The villa can be rented as a Sosua rental option, since it is just 5 minutes from Sosua and the beaches ( the gated community is located in the middle of both towns ).


Another similar deal on a Cabarete luxury beach front penthouse for rent in Ocean One can also be obtained through Golden Treasures Vacation Rentals, just published recently with the one bedroom option for half its original price plus tax. The penthouse is one of the top three in the area, rated five stars and it offers the highest level of comfort as expected in a US$700.00 per night lodging. When rented with 1 bedroom only with 2 guests, it goes down to US$350.00 which is a bargain, but only to qualified renters ( no single men, sorry ). It is more a family oriented rental for discerning travelers and business people who will be good to the expensive furnishings that also include an open VoiP line to make free calls worldwide. A special promotion was including a package deal for the penthouse that includes a discount at world famous Nikki Beach, the posh club restaurant in Cabarete beach.


Another vacation villa Rental in Cabarete that includes the one bedroom choice and will turn heads is the spc0659, a fantastic 5 bedroom luxury rental in the most prestigious gated beach community of the North coast. The house is decorated entirely as a beach house, with white washed walls and furniture, combining wooden flooring in some bedrooms and light tone decorative artifacts reminiscent of a sailing vessel. Its large garden and swimming pool are private and withing walking distance to a secluded beach in the private community that includes a high end club house with a fine restaurant and 2 more beaches. This villa is simply perfect for the ones seeking to be in a more refined setting where the neighbors are all multimillion dollar villas and access is strictly controlled by guards.


Although not guaranteed, the option of the one bedroom option rental club can be requested from other villa owners, if the rental agent is savvy enough to know which owners are willing to do so. Many would be surprised at the myriad of choices available in the villa rental market, that most people ignore because the rental agents are not creative enough to connect the dots and take the extra step to match option and client.  Another excellent deal is the Sosua penthouse for rent  coded spc0621, with the most magnificent view of the waterfront beach, and just a few meters from the actual Sosua beach and all the good restaurants in the area. The unit has 3 bedrooms, and originally costs around US$600.00 per night. The owner offered a deal to the agency: rent only the 2 guest suites and make it only US$300.00 a night. The master suite is kept locked, but the renters keep the whole penthouse and the magnificent vistas and its ocean shore swimming pool.


As the world economic recession lasts for longer than expected, it is only business wise to open more options to renters and keep the market healthy in low season. This opens the property to other markets such as the honeymooners, romantic couples, and other travelers that require much less than the 3 or 4 bedroom villas and condos offered by the vacation rental market in the Dominican Republic. One interesting note is that all the featured listings in the one bedroom option rental club seen here are aiming at the mostly quiet, romantic type of traveler, as opposed to loud parties and single men with bachelor parties ( for that type of rentals just call us and we`ll show you a list of available ones ). All Luxury properties featured here are all valued around a million dollars, so it is expected that the renters be considerate to its good condition. If you ever want to purchase a condo, beach house or villa in the Dominican Republic`s North coast just visit the real estate listings by Golden Treasures and contact us for a visit to the ones you like.




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