Dominican Republic is The Fourth Largest Travel Destination for Canadians

Canadians  have their choice of  travel  between the  Dominican   Republic  as its  fourth   destination , ranking the United States first, followed by Mexico and Cuba, while the fifth, seventh and eighth preserve it for Britain, France, Italy and Germany as featured in the Vancouver Sun magazine in its June 22nd issue.

 Canadians  seek new experiences in the U.S. being the first  destination   for   Canadian  travelers, followed by Mexico, Cuba,  Dominican   Republic , Britain, France, Italy and Germany, explains, a note of that publication offered by the  Canadian  Embassy in the country. Canada is a nation of travelers, says Lindsay Perlman, co-president of Ensemble  Travel  Group, “enjoyed  traveling , especially abroad, and this is reflected in who we are, most  Canadians  have come to Canada from afar.”


The  Dominican   Republic  is a famous  destination  among  Canadian  tourists.

 Canadians  have more passports
According to the Passports office of Canada, 60% of all  Canadians  currently have valid passports, compared with March 2005 when only 36% of  Canadians  had it.

And even the crisis in 2008 didn`t keep the  Canadians  at home, says Perlman, whose Toronto-based company serves 850  travel  agencies in North America with 450 in Canada. “The numbers were down,” he said, but not in the way that U.S. decreased.  Canadians  still  travelled  because there were significant  travel  deals out there.”

“In the winter, we want sun – beaches and cruises,” Pearlman says. “Mexico, the Caribbean, and for Western  Canadians , Hawaii and the U.S. southwest. Hawaii has had some good deals because it took a significant hit during the recession.”

Editor`s note: Puerto Plata, in the  Dominican   Republic  is one of the main  destinations   for   Canadians , specially Sosua and Cabarete. Thousands of  Canadians  visit the North coast each year and much of the local pubs, bars and restaurants belong to  Canadian  expats, a famous one is the Jolly Rogers on Pedro Clisante Street and the Britannia Bar almost next to it.






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