A different view from this apartment rental in Cofresi

While 75% of vacation rentals offered by Golden Treasures Vacation Rentals are found within Sosua and Cabarete, there`s also pretty nice apartments for rent in Cofresi close to the beach and from where visitors can walk to Ocean World, the famous marine park that also offers a restaurant, the lighthouse disco and a majestic casino. Although a bit more secluded, Cofresi is packed with nice rental villas and several resorts, including the famous lifestyle clubs and the new Be Live Carey.

Several restaurants in the area cater to travelers, which also travel to the main city of Puerto Plata where other nice restaurants can be found. The beach in Cofresi is romantic, not too big and has some very quiet areas and a charm that has made it a favorite spot mostly to seniors, couples and families. Named after a pirate that`s said to have hidden a treasure somewhere in this bay, the town feels like a large residential community of very nice people that own, rent or just visit the area for a few days of sun and fun in the Dominican Republic.


This is a 3 bedroom first floor apartment for rent in Cofresi beach, Dominican Republic.

The Penthouse for rent in Cofresi:

This rental unit shows off its best with signature white leather sofas, modern art works and all the best amenities of all the condos. Designed in white for a very elegant, sophisticated touch, this penthouse rental is probably the best any traveler will find open to rentals in Cofresi. The views from every corner of the property are stunning, and its impeccable condition and exquisite setting will appeal to most discerning voyageur. Its rates start at only US$165.00 per night, and there`s also car rental, private chef and other extras that can be ordered.


The interiors of the penthouse offer a serene environment of sophisticated lifestyle with large glass windows in all the areas showing the ocean.


Imported lighting, fixtures and decorative elements have rated this vacation rental as one of the best in Cofresi, offered by Golden Treasures.


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